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The main reason for health problems: obesity

As obesity is increasing rapidly in the world and in our country, it also brings with it very serious health problems. If you want to lose weight, you can try many alternatives. This includes diet and exercise. For those who cannot lose weight with diet and exercise, bariatric surgery is the most effective way. However, bariatric surgery is not used on every obese person and there are specific criteria for its use. f the body mass index (BMI) is above 40 kg/m2 or if the BMI is in the range of 35-40 kg/m2 and two obesity-related medical conditions are present, that person is considered a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery. However, since these methods are surgical procedures, they can reveal possible risks and problems such as malnutrition in the long term.

Methods of weight loss with endoscopic intervention

For this reason, there is increasing interest in interventions using endoscopic methods that are safe, comfortable and inexpensive. We can give examples of procedures performed using the endoscopic method, such as gastric balloon and gastric Botox. Gastric Botox is a more effective and less expensive method than a gastric balloon. The balloon placed in the stomach with the endoscopic method and inflated in the stomach takes up a lot of space in the stomach and can restrict eating. After 6 months, however, the balloon removed from the stomach has expanded the stomach so much that, since there is no balloon left in the stomach, the edible food will fill the space occupied by the balloon, and we seem likely to regain the stomach weight that we have lost.

A tool that helps us change our lifestyle: gastric Botox

Another endoscopic application that has become widespread in our country in recent years is gastric Botox. Gastric Botox can be used on any patient who can undergo an endoscopy, does not have muscle disease, does not have severe stomach ulcers, has gastritis symptoms, and has difficulty losing weight with diet. Gastric Botox prices may vary depending on where it is applied and the doctor performing the application. Gastric Botox application prices are generally quite cheap compared to the procedures like gastric sleeve and gastric balloon. Since gastric Botox is not a surgical procedure like gastric sleeve surgery, the patient returns to their daily life 2 hours after the procedure. Compared to gastric sleeve surgery, gastric Botox is both convenient and affordable.

Botox, used in gastric Botox, has been widely used to treat achalasia, a disorder of gastrointestinal motility, for many years. Botox is injected into specific parts of the stomach such as the upper and lower parts of the stomach using the endoscopic method. Thanks to the Botox injected into the stomach, the movement of the stomach is prevented. This Botox delays gastric emptying in a short time. This ensures that people with this gastric Botox eat less and lose weight better for longer.

Can gastric Botox directly lose weight?

Gastric Botox has no direct debilitating property. But it helps us lose weight more easily. People who wish to have gastric Botox should change their lifestyle. Old habits must be abandoned and a new order created. This arrangement should not be abandoned when the target weight is reached, but should be continued throughout life.

I had gastric Botox, what should I do now?

Another important point about gastric Botox is that there is a strict aftercare after Botox. The advice your nutritionist will give you here is very important and valuable. Failure to follow this aftercare will make the weight loss process more difficult. Managing this process together will make work fun.

Let’s talk about some of the important points to consider after gastric Botox. The first day we have gastric Botox is very important for us. We do not eat or drink anything for the first 4 hours after the procedure. At the end of the 4 hours, we want everything we eat and drink to be lukewarm. We must be careful that these foods are not too hot or too cold. However, we should also pay attention to our water consumption. The water requirement of our body varies from person to person. We should make sure to drink the recommended amount of water in sips throughout the day, not all at once. We should not use straws while drinking water.

One of the most comfortable and convenient parts of gastric Botox is that after a while we can eat whatever we want after getting gastric Botox. We can eat anything, but the most important point to consider here is portioning. In order for the gastric Botox to have the best effect, the portion sizes recommended by your nutritionist should not be exceeded and under no circumstances should more be consumed. When eating, forks and knives (except for soup) must be used. We should not consume our meals quickly, not be interested in other things (TV, PC, etc.) while eating, focus on the food we eat, and try to consume an average meal in 20-25 minutes by doing make us aware of every bite.

No liquids, including water, should be consumed with solids while eating. We should consume solids in a separate period and liquids in a separate period. We should take a break from fluid intake 15 minutes before the start of the meal and continue drinking 15 minutes after the meal is finished. What shall we say then: Are you ready to leave your habits behind with a lifestyle change to welcome a new you ­čśŐ

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