Supplement And Vitamin Requirements After Gastric Botox

One of the most popular weight loss methods of our time is gastric Botox, a non-surgical method. Gastric Botox is a easy and comfortable procedure. Gastric Botox can be used on anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 who wants to lose weight but is unable to achieve their goal weight through dieting or who wants to maintain their weight once they have reached their goal weight. Since gastric Botox is a procedure that does not require surgery, the person does not face the complications that we encounter after gastric Botox surgery. The endoscopy to be carried out thanks to gastric Botox also looks at the inside of your stomach. In this case, in case of an ulcer, the drug is started under the control of a doctor, and your daily life will become more comfortable.

Habit change is a must with gastric Botox

The first and most important goal of people who want to lose weight should be to change their habits. If the person continues their old eating habits after receiving gastric Botox, they will not get the desired result. Therefore, one of the key points here should be to proceed step-by-step with close follow-up and communication. Gastric Botox is a very delicate process compared to other weight loss methods. If the person wants to lose weight in an easy way and comfortably advance the process, he should manage the process in the recommended content and recommended servings with strict follow-up.

To freeze gastric Botox in the small stomach, the volume of the food is very important, as are the calories of the food. Although the effects of Gastric Botox vary from person to person, Gastric Botox begins to show its effects in an average of 15 days. If the person proceeds in the portions that we recommend after the gastric Botox, the gastric Botox freezes in the small stomach. After freezing the gastric Botox in the small stomach, the process will be very simple and we will keep moving towards our goal by being satisfied with the portions we recommend.

ergaenzung und vitaminbedarf nach magen botox

I have a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Can I use these drugs after gastric Botox?

Vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies and edema are observed in most overweight and obese individuals. In fact, when we think about it, it may surprise you a little that there are such deficiencies because obese people eat. But the most fundamental thing in the formation of these deficiencies is caused by the diet and its content. The fact that these individuals are obese and overweight does not mean they are getting enough of each nutrient. On the contrary, these individuals eat unhealthy foods that we call empty calories.

They achieved this weight by drinking high-fat foods, margarine, fried foods, packaged frozen foods, fast food, drinks with artificial sweeteners labeled acidic, non-acidic, sugary, and sugar-free. If we observe the content of these foods, they do not contain vitamins and minerals and are high-calorie foods. When these people want to lose weight with Gastric Botox, the first thing they ask is, “I’m vitamin and mineral deficient. Can I continue my supplements and vitamins after gastric Botox I feel very weak and exhausted if I don’t use them. After gastric Botox, people do not need to use supplements and vitamins.

Because with the diet style that started with gastric Botox, the person is accompanied by a nutritionist. Since the nutrient levels recommended here are both healthy and natural foods, individuals are getting their vitamins and minerals directly from the natural source, i.e. from food. When you switch to a healthy diet, you change your habits with gastric Botox and a nutritionist and you start to adopt a new lifestyle. The person who transitions into habit change will adapt to this process more easily, and they will take very good care of every ounce of every weight they lose and maintain their goal weight for life.

Another important point about this diet is that the individual can drink enough water according to their weight. The coffee and tea drunk here cannot replace water. Since coffee, on the contrary, has a water-repellent effect, the individual must drink an additional glass of water with a sip after each cup of coffee to replace this waste water. If the person drinks less water than the recommended amount, the body does not remove the water from the body and retains it in the body to perform its organ functions. So, the body accumulates edema, and the lost weight cannot be reflected on the scale. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to drink the recommended amount of water as recommended.

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