Solution For Overweight: Gastric Botox

Increasing obesity with the development of technology

The common problem of our time is the increase in obesity. The most important reason for this increase is the increase in technology, the resulting easier life, the decrease in physical activity and the change in eating habits. Individuals are no longer able to walk even the shortest distance. Even for this shortest distance, they use their private vehicles or public transport. In turn, when they encounter escalators or sidewalks, they prefer those streets to walking. In addition to this reduced physical activity, eating habits have also changed significantly. Individuals resort to ready-made products in order to consume something quickly and quickly. These finished, packaged and frozen products contain many additives, flavors, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and substances that we depend on. These substances are not only harmful to health, but also lead to addiction to these products and weight gain due to the high calorie content.

Solutions to Obesity

Gastric tube and gastric bypass

Losung Fur Ubergewicht Magen Botox

Obesity reduces people’s quality of life and prevents them from enjoying life. The shortness of breath experienced prevents the person from moving comfortably and causes them to live a lifetime depending on the machine. Obese people prefer many ways to lose weight. The first method that came to mind for obese individuals to shed those weights was to go under the knife and have a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. With these methods, people lose some of their organs, however, it is inevitable that they will have many digestive and absorption problems afterwards. While these methods are debilitating, the process takes a heavy toll on the individual, reducing their quality of life and suffering many problems. These people, whose life has turned into a dungeon, lose weight without knowing what they are doing because they cannot eat to get rid of the discomfort they feel when they eat the least bit. These individuals, whose habits don’t change and who don’t understand how they lost weight, pick up where they left off after their life has gotten back to normal, if just a little, and they’ve lost enough weight. They unconsciously gain the weight they are losing in a short period of time without realizing it.

The fear of obese people: diet

The fact that obese individuals are not good at losing weight will matter if they are able to keep the weight off. For this reason, overweight people need to lose weight without feeling comfortable about losing weight, without sacrificing quality of life when losing weight, by being aware of how they lose weight of their own volition, and by changing a habit in the process, they need the lost weight make permanent.

Overweight people just need to change their habits by going on a diet and giving up many things at once. But because it takes so much time to lose that much weight, some don’t even want to start the diet, and when the diet comes up, they devote more time to eating. Others, on the other hand, start the diet highly motivated, change all their habits at once and add sport to their lives at the same time. Not really being themselves and pretending, they continue like this for a maximum of 2 weeks and then give up and go back to their original selves. This too fails for them.

A tool to help you along this path: Gastric Botox

Since it is difficult for overweight people to voluntarily go on a diet, we can talk about gastric botox, which will accompany them on this path and which has become popular in our country in recent years.

Gastric Botox can be used on obese or overweight people who want to lose weight, as well as people who want to maintain their weight and are not overweight. One of the most appealing aspects of gastric botox is that it is not only a non-surgical procedure but also a comfortable procedure that allows the patient to return to their daily life after 2 hours. In general, people who apply to diet give up all their habits as if they lose their identity when they start the diet in their life and this diet lasts a maximum of 2 weeks and then picks up where it left off and leads to a double gain of the 3-5 kilos that they have lost. Gastric Botox makes dieting easier for us, helps us when we change habits, and if we do this process of our own will, the process will go well and the weight we lose will be permanent.

Where should I have gastric botox?

Losung Fur Ubergewicht Magen Botox

When people hear about a procedure like gastric botox, they start researching where the procedure can be performed. No matter how comfortable and convenient this procedure is, the country and place where we have it done will affect the outcome to the same extent. It is necessary to do a good research before going this route.

Having gastric botox in Turkey is very affordable due to the exchange rate difference compared to other countries. While healthcare expenses are more expensive in developed countries, in our country, gastric botox is as inexpensive as other healthcare expenses. Compared to developed countries, it would be a very good choice to have this procedure performed in Turkey thanks to our country’s young population and dynamic medical team and higher concentration of doctors.

Gastric Botox in Turkey

The number of doctors performing gastric botox in Turkey is increasing day by day. Here, too, when choosing our doctor, it is important to question exactly who we use gastric botox for. If we want to have gastric botox in an affordable place, it may end up not giving us the desired result from this procedure. The prices for gastric botox are not the same everywhere. Gastric Botox Prices; Gastric Botox will vary depending on the expertise of our doctor, the hospital where the surgery is being performed, the additional surgery to be performed, the brand of Gastric Botox to be used, and whether dietary support will be provided after the procedure and how long that dietary support will be provided last. If we want to have a beautiful and lasting result here, our priority should be to have gastric botox done at a reliable place, not the price we are going to pay. It would be a good choice to do a good research here, first of all, our doctor has at least 6 years of experience in this field, communicating with patients who have had gastric botox, observing their experiences and choosing doctors with high patient satisfaction.

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