Post Gastric Botox Process

One of the most important problems of today is obesity, which brings with it many additional diseases. The entire life of overweight people is affected by this situation. Overweight individuals face many problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and shortness of breath. Aside from these problems, they feel unhappy and adopt a shy and anti-social identity. They begin to stop enjoying life and isolate themselves from other individuals. As a result, they become depressed and their physical, mental and mental health are affected by this situation.

Overweight individuals have spent most of their lives dieting to lose weight and get rid of all other problems caused by obesity. But while on these diets, they tried to achieve their goals by getting out of themselves. They tried to achieve this weight loss by restricting themselves, not eating, and doing heavy exercise. Even if we fool ourselves in this way, we cannot fool our body in this way. Our body responds to this diet we unconsciously go on by saying, “This isn’t you and you’ve never been fed like this.” Instead of burning the tiniest bit of food we eat, it stores it in the body. As a result, these people who cannot achieve significant weight loss cannot withstand this hunger and heavy exercise, and they quit the diet in a short time and regain all the weight they lost. So, if these biweekly dieters lose 4 pounds on each diet, they gain 10 pounds after they stop dieting, and that weight gain continues exponentially.

Lose weight without starving yourself and keeping the weight you lose: GASTRIC BOTOX

Stomach Botox is one of the non-surgical, painless and very convenient weight loss methods. gastric Botox applied to the stomach using the endoscopic method is completed in 15-20 minutes and the person returns to their daily life 1 hour after the procedure. People who don’t feel pain after gastric Botox can walk around as soon as they leave the hospital.

Gastric Botox can be used on anyone who wants to lose weight, wants to curb appetite, loves bloating, has lost weight with other weight loss methods such as tube gastric bypass but couldn’t keep it off, wants to lose weight easily and keep it off and doesn’t want to go back to where you started would like. Stomach Botox is not only used for people with severe gastritis, ulcers, or a medical condition that prevents them from undergoing an endoscopy.

die zeit nach dem magen botox

How does Gastric Botox work?

The stomach is entered endoscopically. Before the gastric Botox is applied, the stomach is observed. After observing the stomach, gastric Botox is applied to specific parts of the stomach and the process is completed. Stomach Botox applied to the stomach allows the stomach muscles to contract more slowly and in a controlled manner, and the food eaten stays in the stomach longer, making Stomach Botox induce a feeling of fullness for longer. With this effect, you will be satisfied with gastric Botox in small portions, and you will lose weight conveniently and easily. In this process, the individual’s easy and quick weight loss with Stomach Botox will increase the individual’s motivation.

It remains for the person who is losing weight from saturation with gastric Botox along with the nutritionist who helps in this process to make a habit change and adopt a new lifestyle. The individual who fixes this will never go back to their old self and retain any weight they have lost.

What can we expect after gastric Botox?

Many of us have dieted to lose weight or to lose weight that bothers us up until this age. When we did these diets on our own, without help, by limiting ourselves too much and doing very heavy exercise, these diets lasted a maximum of 2 weeks. At the end of those 2 weeks, we stopped these diets when we couldn’t see the desired result on the scale. No matter what way we try to lose weight, if we don’t change our eating habits and eating habits, we won’t get the results we want. Even if we achieve the desired result, it will be short-lived. The moment we return to our old eating habits, we regain all the weight we lost.

Stomach Botox, a non-surgical method, does not weaken you alone. In this way, Stomach Botox to help you lose weight easily and quickly is waiting for you to make some sacrifices. If you want to lose weight easily with gastric Botox, you should consult your nutritionist after gastric Botox and proceed with the recommended ingredients and portions.

As soon as Stomach Botox is applied, a feeling of satiety does not immediately set in. Here we need some time so that this satiety, appetite control with gastric Botox sets in and you lose weight easily and quickly with gastric Botox. Although the effects of gastric Botox vary from person to person, on average, they kick in within the first 15 days. Until you reveal this pleasurable effect of Stomach Botox, you will have average difficulty for the first 2 weeks, be dissatisfied with the recommended servings, and want more. Here we need to push the process nicely and think as if we are on and enduring a strict diet. With the feeling of satiety that develops with Gastric Botox, the process will be very easy and with the feeling of satiety that we feel with gastric Botox, we will feel very comfortable with the recommended portions and lose our excess weight quickly with gastric Botox.

If you continue with your old eating habits and your old way of eating after the gastric Botox procedure, the feeling of satiety that we expect from gastric Botox will not occur and we will not see the desired effect. If we want this process to end well, we must be patient, persevere, and then watch our weight loss with gastric Botox quickly, easily, and with joy.

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