Gastric Botox or Gastric Balloon?

New trend slimming methods

One of the major problems of today is obesity. Although the reasons for the increase in obesity appear to be genetics, environmental factors and hormonal imbalances, the most important reasons are irregular diet, unhealthy diet, preference for packaged frozen foods, starving all day and eating too much in one meal, unsustainable, very much limited nutrition, which can be the result of dieting with calories.

Obesity affects every aspect of human life, from their mental health to their social life. Obese people cannot use oxygen efficiently because of their weight. When the body cannot get enough oxygen, the organ functions start to suffer from this situation and man has to continue his life depending on the machine. These people who cannot use oxygen cannot think clearly and always feel sluggish. These individuals, unable to get enough from a normal portion and eating more and more, are afraid to eat in an environment, they isolate themselves from such places by staying away from society. All these experiences also affect the psychology of the individual, and the individual does not know how to deal with this situation. Instead of resolving this mix of emotions, these individuals continue to gain weight by eating more food to cover it. Those individuals who one day decide to get rid of all that negativity and live their lives happier, start looking for a way to lose weight.

magen botox oder magen ballon

Gastric Balloon

The most convenient, risk-free, and least risky method of weight loss is non-surgical weight loss methods. When talking about a non-surgical method of weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind is the gastric balloon made using the endoscopic method. Well, let’s examine the gastric balloon and its effects together.

The gastric balloon is one of the inexpensive, non-surgical slimming methods that is performed endoscopically. The gastric balloon placed endoscopically in the stomach is inflated in the stomach and covers a large part of the stomach. After the gastric balloon procedure, the person’s daily life is affected and the person feels unwell for about 5-7 days.

With the gastric balloon covering a large part of the stomach, people eat less and become full. However, because the gastric balloon in the stomach covers most of the stomach, the person cannot eat much. If they eat a click more, the stomach expands further, even more than it is. People who do not change their habits are left alone with the stomach, which has expanded even further after the gastric balloon has been removed. This time, since there is no gastric balloon covering most of the stomach, the person will continue to eat as before to fill the empty stomach. During this time, after the gastric balloon is removed, the person will gain all the weight that they lost. Although the gastric balloon may at first seem like a procedure that helps us lose weight, the procedure and the result come in a short time and the person returns to their former state in no time.

Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox is a procedure that has become trendy in recent years and is very common in our country. Gastric Botox is applied endoscopically. Gastric Botox is an affordable, painless, effortless, and easy-to-use non-surgical weight loss method. The person will lose weight in a healthy and effortless way without surgery and without organ loss. After gastric Botox, the person returns to their daily routine and feels no discomfort. Gastric Botox will help you in your weight loss phase while losing weight and will help you pass this process more comfortably and without difficulties.

After using Gastric Botox, the effect of Gastric Botox varies from person to person, but occurs in an average of 15 days. During this time, the person may struggle, get hungry, and want more of those portions. The individual should continue the process based on this process as if they were on a diet until the Gastric Botox took effect. In this way, if the recommended portions and recommended quantities and food plates are prepared and the hours between meals are taken into account for the Gastric Botox to work, the stomach Botox freezes in the small stomach and the effects begin to be observed in the small stomach. Close follow-up care and close communication is very important after gastric Botox so that the Botox does not stretch and expand the stomach after the gastric Botox starts to work. If any place where you get gastric Botox does not have strict post gastric Botox diet follow-up care, it is obvious that this process will not bring effective results. Diet after gastric Botox is very important and it is a process that should be closely monitored.

After the gastric Botox has taken effect, it is very easy to fill it with the recommended portions and the process is very comfortable. After Gastric Botox has shown its effect, the recommended portions and contents are continued, and now the habit is changed, trying to calm the process. After the process is complete, the individual changes their habits and continues to lose weight while feeling full and healthy thanks to Gastric Botox. The duration of effect of gastric Botox is 4-6 months. Here this person who changed his habits can keep all the weight he lost for the rest of his life because the effect of gastric Botox has not disappeared 4-6 months after gastric Botox.

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