Gastric Botox And Nutrition

One of the questions most people who have had gastric Botox ask themselves is “I had gastric Botox, what do I do now?” Most people think that gastric Botox is a magic wand and that after gastric Botox they will lose weight on their own. But one of the most important things here is our diet after gastric Botox.

If we have decided to have gastric Botox, the first thing we should do is break our old habits. Because of our old habits, we haven’t been able to reach our healthy weight for years. Now let’s see what we should do.

I’m Gaining Weight Just Drinking Water?

We said let’s break our old habits. But after hearing this, most people say, “I eat very little, I gain weight just from drinking water.” But here, eat something, taste the food while cooking, snack while preparing the table, eat small amounts and consume high-calorie products such as junk food, alongside the meal or during the day, sweet soda, cola, cola zero, cola diet, red bull, ice Tea and juices and drinks that are high in sugar or sweetened with artificial sweeteners cause us to unknowingly gain weight.

We need to know that after gastric Botox we need to make a lifestyle change. Just as we ditched those weights and embarked on this weight loss journey, it’s time to say goodbye to our old habits.

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Will I Have A Nutritionist To Guide Me Through This Process?

First of all, you need regular and disciplined follow-up care. Because when you break old habits, you may not fully recognize what is right and what is wrong. You may think a small piece of everything isn’t a problem, or you may be very good at adjusting portions, but you may not be able to eat high protein. Then you will lose weight again, but that weight loss is not healthy weight loss. This way you lose muscle and your fat percentage doesn’t get to change or increase. It ends in a way we don’t want.

In addition to losing weight, it is necessary to lose weight without affecting health and body composition. When losing weight, it is very important that you lose fat, prevent the body from holding edema, and build beautiful muscle. Here you should have a nutritionist who you can reach immediately at any time. Together with your nutritionist who will guide you along this journey, you must learn what is right and wrong, what to eat instead of what, and manage the process together. This way you will not have any difficulties in changing your lifestyle. Because you have a friend who is just a phone call away and will always help you.

How Should I Eat After Gastric Botox?

Since the diet is individual, the diet after gastric Botox depends on the person’s illness, medications and the presence of allergies. In order to reach our goal weight on the right way, you have to adapt to the dietary recommendations of your nutritionist here.

Let’s look at what the diet should look like after gastric Botox in general. First of all, we should start eliminating packaged products, high-calorie beverages such as acidic/non-acidic/light/zero or zero-calorie but artificial sweeteners, and frozen ready meals from our lives. Along with these, we should add it when preparing our plates, considering the content of all the food that we put on our plate. These foods should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates and healthy fats. To explain this further, our panels are; It should consist of dishes such as meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes, vegetable dishes, yogurt and olive oil. The portion size we add to our plates is just as important as the nutrients on our plates. This is where you should make good adjustments to the servings recommended by your nutritionist and add those servings to your new lifestyle.

Since you are not used to these portions, these portions may not be enough for you at first, you may struggle and get bored with this diet because you are not satisfied with these portions. But you have to be patient here. Because if you get bored of eating only such small portions, we can say that Gastric Botox shows its effects after an average of 15 days. When Gastric Botox takes effect, the servings recommended by your nutritionist will be sufficient for you and you will easily be satisfied with those servings. Another important point to note here is that you should not consume any liquids, including water, with meals. Since fluid intake with meals expands the stomach, you should stop fluid intake 15 minutes before meals and resume fluid intake 15 minutes after meals.

magen botox und ernahrung

Is It Important To Drink Water After Gastric Botox?

Water is our source of life. Our body needs water for our metabolism to function. If we don’t drink water, our metabolism cannot function well. In this situation, the weight loss we fear will pause and even appear on the scale as if it has gained weight. Because we don’t add water to our bodies and expect our bodies to perform organ functions in some way. In order to tolerate this situation in our body, it does not withdraw water and keeps it in the body, which appears as edema. In order not to fall into this situation, to see meaningful weight loss and to build beautiful muscles, you should drink water in the amount and amount recommended by your nutritionist.

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