Gastric Botox and Its Effects

Gastric Botox and Its Effects

One of the most important problems of our time is obesity, which is caused by an unhealthy diet. Individuals try all ways to deal with it. One of those ways; It is a commonly used gastric Botox procedure today that requires no surgery, carries no risk and is a reliable method. Gastric Botox can be used on anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 who wants to lose weight but is unable to achieve their goal weight through dieting or wants to maintain that weight after they reach their goal weight. Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions from our patients.

How does this Botox work?

Before treatment with gastric Botox, we inform our patients about what they should eat after the procedure. Most of our patients say: “If I eat like this, I don’t need Botox, I can still lose weight.” What role does Botox play here?” They ask questions like. The diet and portion sizes described before the procedure may seem small to us. But as we all know, even with Botox on the face, the effect does not appear immediately, but within an average of 7-10 days. In this process I had my Botox done, if we think that I can smile as easily as before and furrow my eyebrows as I want, Botox will work in this way. Its effects will still be there, but we can’t see the full benefits. Therefore, even after getting Botox on our face, we can’t laugh comfortably for a while and frown as we want with a little patience.

Although the rate of digestion of the food we eat depends on the nutrient content, we eat our food and the muscles in the stomach work, as we say, at a certain rate depending on the content of the food we eat and digest that food. Thanks to Botox, which is introduced into the stomach, regardless of the content of the food we eat, the muscles work even more slowly and we feel full longer because the food stays in the stomach. Although the onset of this effect varies from person to person, it occurs in an average of 15 days. It can be difficult to fill up on the portions and nutrient levels we recommend, but again, one of our goals is to have patience and keep the stomach small so that this effect occurs in the small stomach. After the effect has been shown well, the recommended portions are enough for us.

I had Botox done, what should I eat?

In summary, what we want from our patients in the post-Botox diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-protein plate combined with healthy fats. We recommend not including processed meats such as sausage and salami on our plate. However, we attach great importance to water consumption. So that our metabolism works and fat burning makes sense, the recommended daily amount of liquid should be covered according to body weight in sips. While consuming liquid, we don’t want to have a liquid intake with solids. We recommend liquids in separate time slots and solids in separate time slots.

I feel full, should I still eat?

After Botox works, most of our patients ask questions like “I don’t want to eat, but should I force myself to eat?”, “Is this normal?”, “What should I do?”. After Botox takes effect, the number of meals per day is reduced to two in many patients. And we don’t want to and don’t want to impose ‘You have to force yourself to eat so many meals’ or ‘Force yourself even if you’re not hungry’. After all, after such stress on the patient, the effect of Botox can subside with abdominal pain, vomiting and then stomach enlargement, which we do not want. The more we can eat, the more we should eat without forcing ourselves.

How can I maintain my weight after the effects of Botox wear off?

One of our goals is to make lifestyle changes easier. With this Botox it is necessary to manage this process more easily and to continue this path for life after getting used to it. The effect of Botox disappears after an average of 4-6 months. As we know, the stomach is an organ that can stretch. After the effect of Botox has worn off, we want this business to continue. So, we have to continue our changed lifestyle here. If we don’t, we stretch our stomachs and regain all the weight we’ve lost. Here we can consider the situation as follows.

Once we reach our goal weight, we can eat whatever we want, but our portions will not increase and stay the same. If we learn to replace something with something here, we can make it work. So instead of saying I want to eat of this and that, when you start saying a little bit of one and a little bit of the other, it means it’s ready. If we continue like this for a lifetime, we will maintain our goal weight for life. Sometimes, depending on the patient’s condition, illness and weight loss, our doctors recommend a second treatment with Botox after 6 months. It is not recommended for every patient, but it may be aimed at for patients who find it appropriate to do it together to maintain the weight they are losing this way.

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