Effect Of Thyroid Hormone On Weight Loss

Hormones in our body are one of the factors that greatly affect our weight loss. If the hormones released in our body are released more or less and this balance is disturbed, the metabolism of our body is also damaged. With the deterioration of metabolism, weight balance is also disturbed.

What is this thyroid hormone?

The thyroid is the organ that regulates energy metabolism in our body. The hormones secreted by the thyroid play a role in using the oxygen we take in in our body and converting the food we eat into energy. In order to lose weight in a good way, these hormones must work regularly. If there is a lack of release of these hormones, we cannot lose weight even when we are hungry.

The inability of the thyroid to produce enough hormones in this way is called “hypothyroidism”. Since with hypothyroidism it is difficult to lose weight and it is very easy to regain the lost weight, various and sometimes unconscious diets are used. This disrupts the metabolism again. In this group of patients, where the metabolism is not working properly, this stress that the body experiences make it impossible to lose weight. These patients, unable to lose weight through diet alone, begin to try other ways to lose weight.

The Most Effective Non-Surgical Weight Loss Method: Gastric Botox

The most convenient weight loss method today is gastric Botox. Gastric Botox is the most effective of the non-surgical slimming methods. Gastric Botox is an endoscopic procedure that does not require surgery. Because gastric Botox does not require surgery, the person does not experience any complications that may develop after surgery. After gastric Botox there is no hospitalization like gastric sleeve or gastric bypass and surgical weight loss methods.

This is the most enjoyable part of gastric Botox. The patient who comes to the hospital for gastric Botox returns to his daily life within 2 hours. This is a great advantage for patients coming from abroad. After being discharged the same day, the patient can board the plane and return home. Gastric Botox patients do not face the pain we see after gastric balloon surgery, which lasts for days and interferes with their daily lives. You go through the process very easily.

The effect of gastric Botox lasts an average of 15 days. How this effect unfolds determines how we eat before the effect occurs. One of the most important points about Gastric Botox is that with close follow-up and close communication, you will make progress. If you have stomach Botox and continue with your old routine, you will not get any benefit from this procedure. In this process, you should progress with strict follow-up and change your habits and place a new order by making a lifestyle change. Changing this habit will be very pleasant with Gastric Botox. Thanks to Gastric Botox, a convenient method of slimming, you will feel good with the feeling of fullness that you will get and you will change your habits well and protect any lost weight.

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I have thyroid disease. Can I lose weight with gastric Botox?

One of the complaints of thyroid sufferers is that they have difficulty losing weight and are unable to lose weight. One of the most effective weight loss methods for thyroid sufferers is Gastric Botox, a non-surgical method. Thanks to gastric Botox, overweight thyroid patients can easily change their habits and lose their excess weight quickly and permanently.

One of the most important points for thyroid sufferers is to get regular blood tests and to take the thyroid medication recommended by the doctor on a regular basis. For this purpose, thyroid patients are asked to carry out regular monthly blood tests and to take the recommended medication as intended. With Gastric Botox, the patient’s thyroid function is improved and weight loss is achieved quickly and easily. When you lose weight, the body’s need for thyroid hormone decreases, so regulating thyroid hormone becomes much easier.

Gastric Botox is a tool that will help you lose weight. Gastric Botox isn’t a magic wand and without regular follow-up care and diet, it won’t do the trick on its own. This is why you need to do thorough research before Gastric Botox. The doctor who performs Gastric Botox should have at least 5-6 years of experience. With the doctor’s experience, you should do thorough research and consider patient satisfaction when choosing the location to receive Gastric Botox.

The process after Gastric Botox is very important to see the full effects of Gastric Botox. After you have gastric Botox, you should have a nutritionist who is in close contact with you and a phone call away and a prescription should be made according to your illness and the medications you are using. Thus, without lowering our metabolism in a healthy way, a disease-specific approach ensures that the weight lost is maintained for life.

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