Effect Of Gastronic Botox On Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. It plays a role in the regulation of blood sugar. When we eat, the sugar in our blood increases. The body releases the insulin hormone to use this sugar in energy expenditure and thanks to the insulin hormone the sugar is taken into the cell and used. Excess sugar in the blood is stored in organs such as the liver and muscles. Our blood sugar can fall below normal when we are hungry between meals or for an extended period of time. To compensate for this situation, the body uses the stored sugar and gives us energy by helping us.

Insulin resistance can develop as a result of being overweight, lack of physical activity, use of artificial sweeteners, consumption of processed foods such as pastries, fast food, consumption of acidic beverages, and unhealthy diet. Insulin resistance refers to disruption of the expected response to the insulin hormone produced by the body. In other words, when the individual eats their food, blood sugar increases. Since the insulin hormone response is impaired, the insulin hormone cannot be sufficiently released in response to this rising sugar. The sugar in the blood cannot be taken into the cell and used. Because this sugar is not used in the cell, it cannot give energy to the individual. This situation causes the affected person to feel hungry again in a short time and to constantly eat and drink something. As a result, excess sugar in the blood becomes excessively stored in the body, leading to rapid weight gain. In this case, the person is now a candidate for a diabetic patient. He starts drinking medicine regularly every day. This drug alone is not enough to treat insulin resistance. People need to lose weight and change their habits.

wirkung von magen botox auf die insulinresistenz

Simple and fast weight loss method: Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox is a simple weight loss method that is performed endoscopically without surgery. Gastric Botox can be used on anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 who wants to help them lose weight or control their appetite. Gastric Botox is a procedure that allows for quick and easy weight loss. This process takes about 15-20 minutes. Gastric Botox is a slimming method that is very easy to use, the person does not feel any pain after regaining consciousness and can return to their daily life 2 hours after the procedure. The effect of gastric Botox is about 4-6 months. The person undergoing gastric Botox is not left alone in this process and begins to manage the process together with his or her nutritionist. After the effects of gastric Botox and appetite are brought under control, the person is expected to gradually give up their habits and lose weight easily, introducing a new order. This ensures that any weight that the individual loses is protected.

wirkung von magen botox auf die insulinresistenz

Can Gastric Botox be used on people with insulin resistance?

One of the conditions that makes people with insulin resistance uncomfortable is lifelong dependency on the drug. The person can stop this drug on the advice of their doctor, according to the results of the blood test they had after losing weight. While on a diet, most people do not want to use this drug, stop the drug and start the diet off the drug. However, this drug should be used along with a diet. Such improper diets take 1-2 weeks for the individual to become accustomed to the diet. If the person stops both the drug and the diet and loses 5 kg on the diet in a short period of time, after stopping this unsustainable diet, he gains 10 kg in addition to the weight lost and this becomes a vicious circle.

Gastric Botox is very easy to apply to people with insulin resistance. Gastric Botox is a very convenient non-surgical weight loss method for these individuals. Before the gastric Botox is applied, the diabetes medication used by the person is stopped under the doctor’s control. Thanks to gastric Botox, a non-surgical slimming method, man is also freed from this sugar drug. Thanks to gastric Botox, a new generation slimming method, people’s insulin resistance improves and they get rid of diabetes. Thanks to gastric Botox, the person who gets rid of diabetes can quickly lose weight and achieve the body and health that he wants to be.

Those insulin resistant individuals who cannot control their appetite and change their habits through dieting alone can easily be satisfied with the recommended portions when Gastric Botox starts to work, and they begin to lose weight very easily with a feeling of satiety. These people who start losing weight fast with Gastric Botox achieve their goal by changing their habits in the process thanks to improved appetite control and maintaining any weight they lose with their new lifestyle.

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