Are There Special Criteria For Gastric Botox?

With the development of technology, changing lifestyles and inactivity, people’s liking for packaged frozen convenience foods and their weight gain have increased significantly. This increasing weight gain has caused people to be unhappy and not enjoying life. These people who cannot wear the clothes they want and who cannot have the figure they want have started to look for slimming methods to get back to their old state or the figure they want to be by losing weight quickly and easily.

Weight Loss Methods

Surgical methods of weight loss

The most popular non-surgical weight loss method of our time is gastric Botox. Gastric Botox, both as a procedure and after the procedure, is a very convenient method of weight loss compared to other slimming methods (e.g., gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric balloon).

Individuals who prefer Gastric Botox, a non-surgical weight loss method, experience the process quite comfortably compared to individuals who prefer surgical weight loss methods. The simplest is that the person is free from gastric Botox surgeries and the risks of the surgery. In addition, people who prefer gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, which are surgical methods for losing weight, suffer from digestive and absorption problems, organ loss, and need to use dietary supplements for life. Those who prefer stomach Botox, an easy and quick method of losing weight, instead of these methods of losing weight, do not need to use such a supplement, because they get the vitamins and minerals they need from foods with sustainable nutrition.

Non-surgical weight loss method: gastric balloon

The gastric balloon, one of the non-surgical slimming methods, also attracts the attention of individuals because it does not involve any surgery. But it should not be forgotten that when evaluating something, it is necessary to approach it holistically. Yes, gastric balloon is a non-surgical slimming method like gastric Botox and does not cause organ loss. But here, in addition to losing weight, the most important point is to keep the lost weight. This means that it is somehow accepted, but what is much more meaningful to us is that the work is permanent. Unfortunately, people who prefer the gastric balloon, one of the non-surgical slimming methods, cannot keep the lost weight. Because the gastric balloon, which remains in the stomach for an average of 4-6 months, is inflated in the stomach and fills the stomach during this time. Since the gastric balloon takes up a lot of space in the stomach, it will not let you overeat and restrict you. However, over time, the gastric balloon removed from the stomach greatly expanded the stomach. Since the stomach is no longer covered, the weight lost with the gastric balloon is recovered in a short time.

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Non-surgical weight loss method: Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox; It is a non-surgical, easy and quick method of weight loss. The process is very simple and takes an average of 15-20 minutes. The patient returns to daily life 2 hours after the procedure.

Many individuals trying to lose weight begin a diet with frequent and intense exercise, insufficient water, and improper dietary practices with inappropriate nutrient levels. With this unsustainable approach to eating, they last 2 weeks max, quit the diet and go back to their old way of eating and it becomes a vicious cycle. Stomach Botox is there to help you with this process. On the days when you are bored of this strict and unsustainable diet for 2 weeks and thinking about quitting the diet, Stomach Botox comes along and says, “You are off the diet, but let’s join hands and this one process on the way to losing weight quickly and permanently.” Thanks to Gastric Botox, which helps you to bring the process together, you realize that what you eat is actually enough for you and you don’t want more. On the other hand, by accompanying your nutritionist, he will show you how to eat, what to eat and drink and how many meals to prepare and he is only a phone call away from you. With these two basic helpers, you’ll learn to adopt a new lifestyle by breaking your habits and you’ll lose weight easily and quickly, making sure that every gram lost is permanent.

I’ve Gained A Few Kgs Can I Have Stomach Botox?

Gastric Botox can be used on anyone between the ages of 16 and 65. It doesn’t matter if the person is overweight or not. Stomach Botox can be used on a person who is not overweight, on a person who is 10 kilos over or on a person who is over 100 kilos. This is where Botox will actually work according to the condition of the individual. Because people who are not overweight have small stomachs, Botox controls their appetite here, allowing the person to eat more moderately and prevent weight gain. Bei Personen mit Übergewicht gefriert Magen-Botox in den von Ihrem Ernährungsberater empfohlenen Portionen und Inhalten im kleinen Magen und zeigt seine Wirkung im kleinen Magen und zeigt, dass die Portionen, die Sie essen, für Sie ausreichen. Dank Magen-Botox und Ihrem Ernährungsberater werden Sie Ihre Gewohnheiten leicht ändern und mit Ihrem neuen Lebensstil Ihr Zielgewicht erreichen und Ihr verlorenes Gewicht halten können.

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