How to Choose the Proper Method of Treatment for Losing Weight?

How to Choose the Proper Method of Treatment for Losing Weight?

Obesity is one of the main problems of our generation. Because of the developing technology and conditions, the amount of movement of people, and thus the energy consumption, has decreased significantly. For example, nowadays, everyone prefers to order online rather than shop in person. In addition, genetically modified foods, in particular, disrupt our hormone balance. In contrast, high-calorie foods, sweeteners, and sauces cause us to gain weight and even become fat. 

The intense work schedule prevents us from eating healthily, and the diet programs we try to follow become impossible. As a result, weight gain becomes inevitable.

So how do we lose weight? How do we not gain weight? How do we keep our weight under control?

The answer to all of these lies in self-awareness. We need to find the underlying problem that is causing the weight gain in the first place. Suppose you have a disease such as hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, insulin resistance, or diabetes. In that case, the first thing to do to lose weight is to visit a specialist in the relevant field and get your current disease treated.

While there are untreated diseases mentioned above, you cannot lose weight no matter what diet you try, like the Dukan diet, the Swedish diet, a diet that claims to make you lose 10 kilos in 1 month, the salad diet, or whatever diet you try that is not listed above.

So, what should I do after treating this disease?

If you follow your diet plan and add exercise, you can lose weight successfully. But the goal should never be to lose weight solely. The goal should be to eat healthily and make this diet a way of life. If you’re on a diet to lose weight, you’ll naturally gain more weight after you lose it if you don’t change your lifestyle. It is crucial to control and stabilize weight, which is difficult for many after losing weight.

“I can’t lose weight or keep my weight stable no matter what diet I do.” If this sounds familiar to you or if you complain about being too hungry all the time, a gastric balloon or Gastric Botox will help to overcome this process. These two methods help prolong the feeling of satiety, especially in the transition period and thus help patients to stick to the diet program. These two methods will help ease the start of this process for people who are struggling to lose weight or have trouble following a diet program.

Studies show that some people with a body mass index greater than 40 have a 3% chance of losing weight with weight loss methods such as diet, exercise, and acupuncture. Therefore, we recommend gastric sleeve surgery to these people as the most accurate, fastest, and healthiest method.

Therefore, it is best to change our eating habits to a healthier diet from the start and make that diet a way of life for healthy eating, not weight loss. However, if these are unsuccessful, a specialist should be consulted regarding hormone or thyroid diseases. If there is still a problem with losing weight, Gastric Botox or gastric balloons should be considered as supportive methods. However, if you are too overweight to lose weight using all of these methods, you should not hesitate to turn to the surgical approach.

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